As some of you know my site was down for a great deal of time. I had started a working partnership with the father of a friend of mine and it was an all-around dreadful experience after encouraging me to use his services and providing advertisement on my site in exchange for hosting I was frequently ignored on issues and eventually his site was gone, and along with it my site as well as those of two friends and clients of mine. I was devastated I had lost everything on my old computer and was using this as a back up until I had chosen a new platform I lost many pieces of work that took many hours months and days to recover, but now I’m back with my old pieces and many new pieces to come.

Stay turned Because I will be doing far more with my web page now beyond being my portfolio website there will be articles on the industry; guides  for fabrication, coding, design,  and illustration.

The first article will be available Monday it is titled “10 Tips for developing sleek modern Municipal sites.”